About Us

James Loflin

Pinball Inc. began serving the pinball community with the best quality replacement parts in 2001.  The main product line were new improved replacement plastic ramps for pinball machines.  In 2005 gained access to the original Williams/Bally thermoforming tooling which allowed Pinball Inc to expand it's product by using the original tooling and PInball Inc's improved method of making ramps stronger.  In 2009 Pinball officially purchased the original Williams/Bally thermoforming tooling.  By 2014 Pinball Inc had made over 30,000 replacement ramps and had the highest reputation for product quality and customer service.  
By mid 2014 Pinball Inc shifted it's attention to a new project of developing Python's PInball Circus pinball machine.  It sold the ramp manufacturing portion of the business to Starship Fantasy Pinball.  In addition it reached an agreement with Planetary Pinball to become a distributor of all Planetary Pinball parts and more important a distributor of parts off of their newly acquired original Williams/Bally injection tooling.  Now Pinball Inc is dedicated to continuing the same high quality customer service and supplying the best parts available at the best price possible.